Female psychology lesson

I know that most men can have sex without love fairly easily. However, from early childhood, women are taught that love is important, and that if you really love someone, you will do a lot for them – including things you may not want to do. We are also taught that ultimately, men usually get what they want.

It’s a little confusing for everybody, because we also get “good girls don’t” messages. This is why sex can be such a source of stress for women. If I do it, he’ll think I’m too easy and lose interest. If I don’t do it, he’ll think I’m too uptight and lose interest.

Could it be simply that most men have the attention span of a flea? [g]

Regardless – underneath all the confusion about sex, girls and women are generally taught, above all, to be giving – even when we don’t want to be. And we are taught to conflate sex and love. This is why many of us are into middle age before we can separate sex and love.

It is also why the line, “You would if you really loved me,” works so well for unscrupulous men. A woman will (generally) have sex with a man if she loves him. Trust me on this.


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