A great manifesto

Best. Fucking. Article. Ever.

For everybody who’s tired of bullshit. From Holly Riordan at Thought Catalog.



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Born, went to school, went to work, will die someday. Fluent in English, sarcasm, and profanity. Open-minded skeptic, INTP in the Myers-Briggs, 5-Investigator (or Observer) in the Enneagram, Sagittarius in astrology, Pitta/Kapha in the Ayurvedic system. Likes: Music, books, reading, paid time off from work. Dislikes: Authoritarians, micromanagement, illogic, and asparagus.

2 thoughts on “A great manifesto”

  1. The artice in my opinion seems to be perpetuating a Prince Charming/Cinderella mythology about relationships. I agree there are many shitty parts of modern online relationships but they are just replacements for the shitty parts of older relationship paradigms. Not every relationship needs to be the romance of legend. I believe that here is value in the FWB even the booty call. Maybe my life experience has left me jaded about the soulmate one-and-only relationship but I think that our relationships are on a continuum from mild acquaintance to someone we would kill for. They are all good in some way.


    1. I think most people, deep down inside, want that one relationship where we can get everything. IMHO, our culture is structured that way, and that’s what people learn from a very young age – so that’s what people are trained to think is the best-case scenario. I can think of situations myself where responsible non-monogamy could be a humane solution to a problem. In this article, I’m thinking more of people who are totally unattached, who feel like they had better settle for crumbs because nobody is giving them the full meal.


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