A world with no love or sex 

I’m beginning to wish there was no such thing as romantic love or sex. It seems like it rarely goes well. The world would run more smoothly if we just had brains – no emotions and no bodies.

I was in a 14 year relationship which was great for 7 years, and then things gradually went south for the next 7. 

Now, I’ve spent the past year dating a few men who (for whatever reason) just didn’t work out.

Lately I’ve been thinking of my ex and feeling sad again. Why did we only get a certain number of good years? I’ve heard of people having a good relationship that lasts 35 years. How come we only got 7 years great, 7 years good-sliding-into-not-talking?

I’m dating a guy who’s not really “it” for me, but he seems too nice to break up with; and he does have feelings for me. I could so easily wind up with him out of inertia. I hate dating and “looking”; and there isn’t really a good reason to break up with him. And I feel like I should appreciate him, instead of being spoiled and wanting something that doesn’t exist. 

I wish there was no such thing as love or sex. Then I could be perfectly happy and contented with my job, my friends, my life. I’m luckier than a lot of people; I have a pretty good life. Why couldn’t I be one of those people who just don’t care about love or sex? 


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Born, went to school, went to work, will die someday. Fluent in English, sarcasm, and profanity. Open-minded skeptic, INTP in the Myers-Briggs, 5-Investigator (or Observer) in the Enneagram, Sagittarius in astrology, Pitta/Kapha in the Ayurvedic system. Likes: Music, books, reading, paid time off from work. Dislikes: Authoritarians, micromanagement, illogic, and asparagus.

2 thoughts on “A world with no love or sex ”

  1. [Sorry to double-comment]

    A quote I saw today which is giving me a feeling of peace:

    The flower doesn’t dream of the bee.
    It blossoms and the bee comes.

    -mark neco


  2. I have nothing to add except a me too, and to note I am giving myself the gift of being celibate for the winter/spring season and already I feel freer and lighter. Wait, that sounds a bit too optimistic, maybe it’s more accurate to say that removes the potential for one source of mental agony, which is a relief as I have plenty of other sources to draw on which are not as easy
    to shut off and avoid.


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