Someone to do nothing with

Today I was supposed to have lunch with a guy from OKC, but he cancelled. That’s actually okay – I wasn’t that into him, and I was sort of dreading it.

Now, though, I’ve got an afternoon and evening with nothing planned.

And that isn’t the end of the world, either. I like going out and doing things, but I also like down time….just plain old slacking. Doing nothing.

But, it’s more fun and feels better *with* somebody.

I like a balance in my life. I need both activity and downtime. I need both solitude, and time with other people.

Right now, I miss being in a relationship, because I miss having someone who knows me so well that we can just hang out together and do nothing. Even just be in the same home, not ignoring each other, but not necessarily doing something together, either.

Oh, how I miss that.