Avis, self-image, and the search for steampunk

steampunk 9My very first EP avi was my real self – at least, part of myself [g].  Some people would question the wisdom of putting photos of that portion of my anatomy online – but I had my reasons, mostly connected to feeling neglected and low self-esteem.

After I got tired of dealing with all the pervs, I took that avi down and tried another one.  My rules were:

1 – It couldn’t show my face (because you never know who might turn up on EP);
2 – It could be sexy, but classy-sexy, not sleazy-sexy;
3 – If it wasn’t actually a picture of me, it had to look at least a little like the real me.

I kept the same avi for months – an Alphonse Mucha illustration (Ete, from his Seasons series), which I think looks a bit like me. The woman has a very similar body type and similar coloring.

Then I began to fear that my EPeeps were getting bored with me, so I decided to change it up.

Now I’m running into the same question that’s plagued me all along:  How sexy can I be without being tacky and getting a really bad reputation?  OTOH, how clean and decent is TOO clean and decent?

I don’t want to be popular only for showing skin.  At the same time….I want people to know I’ve got skin worth looking at.

One thing that I just love is the steampunk look.  So I’ve scoured the net for pictures of women in steampunk costumes…women who are sexy but not sleazy, who do look somewhat like the real me.

And I have to say – what’s with all the goddamned tall skinny blondes?!

No, I don’t hate blondes. My very own mother was blonde, before she went gray. There are some blondes that I really like.  But for the love of all that’s holy – I need some photos of women with MY hair color. That would be kind of a light reddish-brown.

And no supermodels, please.  I’m short and curvy – think Marilyn Monroe’s body, not Kate Moss.  My problem is that I was born too late.  In the 1940s and 50s,  bodies like mine were considered sexy – as shown by the pinup girls of that era.

All is not lost, however.  There’s always illustrations, as opposed to photographs.

Posted by SmartKat at 16:50 on December 19th, 2013 at 4:50PM
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Posted on 10:07AM on Jan 17th, 2014
I am very visual person and as I wonder around cyberspace I will see an image (we are not talking naked/porn) and it will suddenly spark my mind or remind me something. so I will right click it and store it in a little folder on my  computer 🙂


Posted on 12:33PM on Jan 18th, 2014

I love the SteamPunk reference in your AVI. I’m too old for CosPlay or even really SteamPunk as an “experience”, but as an eclectic Scientist/Inventer/Adventurer of sorts, *I* live in a Steampunk world of sorts.

My young protege’ this summer, for instance, built with me an “Electro-Pneumo-
Mechanical” Circuit for making “Digital Multiplex Holograms”. How SteamPunk is that? Vacuum pumps, solenoids, relays, levers, dials… oh… and Lasers what more can you ask for?

She is the daughter of SciFi writer friends of mine, and totally into CosPlay… I learned a lot more from her than she did from me…

Now I want to write a Steamy Steampunk Romance… Have Pith Helmet and Brass Goggles, will travel?

– Jake


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