A hypothetical Top 10 list

OK, help me out here. This is hypothetical, of course. I’m wondering, if I was free again, what kind of online dating profile I’d write. I loved David Letterman’s Top Ten lists, so I thought I would use that format.

I came up with 9 reasons why I’d be a good girlfriend, but I’m having trouble finding one more.

Can you help?

Also, feel free to comment on what I already came up with.

Top 10 Reasons Why I’d Be a Good Girlfriend

10 – I don’t want to get married and have children.

9 – I’m not looking for a meal ticket or a sugar daddy.

8 – I won’t get upset if you want to play or watch sports once or twice a week. I’ll just find something else to do. (More often than that and we might want to rethink this – that’s a lot of time apart.)

7 – I want to have sex about twice a week. I place a high priority on romance, passion, and sex. And the journey is just as important as the destination.

6 – I’ll never make you watch a chick flick with me. In fact, that’s my least favorite sort of movie.

5 – I’m an excellent listener. You can tell me (almost) anything and I won’t freak out. I’m very good at staying cool and helping people think things through.

4 – I can keep a secret forever if I have to.

3 – I can adapt to new environments and get along with most people.

2 – If you’re into music – contact me. Seriously. If the chemistry is there, I could be your girl. If not, we could still be good music buddies.

1 – ????

Posted by SmartKat at 08:06 on September 24th, 2013 at 8:06AM
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Posted on 02:42PM on Sep 24th, 2013
Seriously, Kat? You can’t think of the #1 reason????
I don’t believe you!!! 😉


Posted on 03:12PM on Sep 24th, 2013
Well, no, really, I can’t. Why would a guy enjoy having me for a girlfriend? I  would need one more thing to make it a true Top 10. 😉


Posted on 03:56PM on Oct 8th, 2013
The number one reason is that you’re honest about the other nine reasons. 🙂


Posted on 09:36PM on Oct 8th, 2013
You know, I hadn’t thought of that, harvey. You’re right.


Posted on 04:43PM on Feb 18th, 2014
I was going to mention the DD cup but sounds too creepy.


Posted on 11:27PM on Feb 25th, 2014
Those are more than enough good reasons! I don’t think you need a 10th. 🙂
(You had me at #7,5,3 and 2!)


Posted on 12:43AM on Apr 1st, 2014
Well since you asked I will say that most guys dream is a threesome….LOL. But  after reading your list I think your 9 reasons are more then enough.


Posted on 05:33AM on May 5th, 2014
How about you’re a mature (I mean that in a positive way) intelligent woman  who would add depth to any relationship.


Posted on 12:56PM on Aug 29th, 2014
Let’s see, there’s no mention of your ability in the kitchen, which is not a deal  breaker for most men. Certainly not this one. Ummm, do you wear underwear? If  not, that’s kinda cool. Other than that, you could offer that you’re not a “Dramma Queen” cuz it seem’s that you’re not.


Posted on 02:35PM on Jan 29th, 2015
Well Kat, I don’t know if this will be YOUR #1 reason/promise but mine is this:

1. I will not take you for granted. I will hug you and love you and cuddle you, I  will not forget the little gestures of affection like a cup of coffee in bed/at the desk, a handful of flowers, I will say that I love you when I feel the emotion, I  will give you little touches in passing that confirm that I see you, I will ask and  not assume that you will do as I think, I will keep on respecting you and trying to  learn what is in your hart and on your mind, I will not take you for granted, I will NOT take you for granted.

I think, personally, that that chimes very much what you have said about the  institution of marriage in many other places. Because – well – being taken for  granted is what happens to so many of us. And that kills it for those of us who  live in an emotionally aware place.


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